Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Social media- not so social.

Last year I deactivated my Facebook. I was obsessed with it, commenting on everyone's post and trying equally hard to impress people with my clever status updates. I never really succeeded but also became way to sensitive about it all. I have enjoyed my time away from it but will probably come back on once I'm pregnant so I can upload weekly belly shots and annoy all my family and friends with baby talk. I'm a kind soul.

Social media, really isn't very social. I have stopped getting invited to things and it has become a bit awkward when people ask me in person "hey are you going to *insert awesome event* ?" Um no I wasn't invited. Awesome.

This has trickled down to messaging where friends take days to write back. Super annoying, when I'm sure they are updating there status' but just don't have "time" to write back to me. I'm on Instagram, but can't really post anything worthy of discussion as either people get massively offended or no one writes back anything...

It should be called anti media. There really is nothing social about it. I call Facebook, bragbook. It's a fake look into people's lives. They're either lying about how perfect everything is or being completely emo and complaining about every.single.thing FML!

Bit like this blog really. I know many people read it, but only 1 of my friends comments and another dear fellow blogger! Kinda hard to swallow when your happy to share super private details about your life with friends and strangers a like yet NO ONE comments. No one messages. But when I see people in real life it's the only thing they talk to me about like I have somehow become void of any other opinion on worldly things.

I guess what I'm trying to say is social media sucks. It alienates people from real life friendships. And because I don't like social media I have inturn alienated myself from friends and family who's only form of communication is on Facebook.

Sigh. What's a girl to do?


  1. i started writing a post on the same topic but never published it! it was wen i saw a friend in real life and we had nothing 2 talk bout past hi! because every detail i already new from 'trusty' Facebook!

    1. I have to admit I nearly didn't post this. Sometimes I write blog posts when I am upset and save them in drafts so I can go back when calm. Usually I think I was being a crazy person and delete but this one felt the same when calm so posted. Yeah that's the thing, people share so much of their lives on their, it becomes awkward. "Oh I saw what you wrote the other day" then silence! I've already lost contact with a lot of people since not being on Facebook, but I guess they weren't really friends then, eh?

    2. Also, thank you for always commenting and messaging me to see how I am! You're a good friend!