Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Still here


I am still here *waves*

I have been keeping busy with work, husbands business and planning holidays.

We went camping over Easter with some friends! Got to try out all our new camping gear and am very impressed with our tent! It's a huge two bedroom tent with front and side awnings! Hubby didn't want to get it as he thought it would take forever to set up, but it took all of 15 mins! The front room we use as kitchen dinning and back room as the bedroom. It has enough room for cot, single bed and our queen bed! So shouldn't need to buy one ever again! Haha

It was my birthday 2 days ago, ripe old age of 24 now! Finally feel like that is an age suited to what I am going through in life. Since being married at 20 people have always talked about how young I am! I still get that in IVF but I don't feel as young being in my mid twenties now!

We are leaving for bali on the weekend with my parents and siblings! So excited for a tropical holiday. There is something about bali that has my heart! I love it there and would happily retire there. The people, the food, the culture- it's all beautiful! We have an amazing opportunity to visit our sponsor child Dany! He is only 4. We get to take him put for lunch and then visit his home and gift him rice and oil and bathroom basics!

My parents run their own not for profit organisation and my father is on the board of Not for Sale, so it is often at the dinner table that we talk about the horrible living conditions and scenarios that happen in 3rd world countries. Hubby has never been interested in visiting Cambodia, which is where my parents do most of there work, but he has one gigantic heart and I can't wait for him to meet Dany! I reckon it is going to change his life and soften his heart- I'm expecting to walk away having sponsored the whole village!

I am looking forward to a cocktail or four and stocking up on my vanilla bean collection (100 for $5)

Next month I'll post some pics of our holiday :)

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