Wednesday, February 26, 2014

38 weeks

A couple of days ago I started writing what I thought was my birth story. False alarm it would seem.

All the signs pointed in the right direction, my midwife said I was in labour but needed to go home for it to progress more. Then it all just died off. Talk about frustrating!

I'm 38 weeks pregnant now, if he hasn't arrived by 40 weeks my midwife will do a scrapping. If that doesn't get things going then I'll be induced at 41 weeks.

I'm in quite a lot of pain and severly dehydrated. I'm not eating enough either, but I'm finding it incredibly hard to up the amount of food intake. My stomach has gotten small and I only really eat one meal a day. I feel sick and vomit otherwise... But I'm trying to have smaller snacks throughout the day now. The baby is getting sleepy to conserve energy, which is bad for labour. So if you see me, shove a glass of water in my hand and a piece of toast! 

Other than that, not much to report. I've been busy washing clothes and cleaning window sills. Thinking about making a baby quilt in the coming days too, and maybe some cot sheets. 

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