Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Roman numerals: III month's

3 months old- no longer a newborn! Had a little cry about those fleeting months! He isn't due to have his weight check until next month, but I'm guessing he is around the 5kg mark!

Likes: obsessed with looking at the tv, cries sometimes if I move him away from it 😳 still loves mirrors, having a shower or bath, being in the pram or car, laying on the floor.

Dislikes: sun in his eyes, waking up in the car and not being able to see anyone!

Sleeping: he has a new routine at night goes down around 9:00pm then wakes at 7:00am!! He is a champion. The days are still up in the air, sometimes 45min, sometimes 2 hrs.

Feeding: every 2hrs unless he is having a big sleep.

Milestones: still lots of smiles and laughing and talking. He has also started to thrust his hips which means he is never in the same spot I put him down in! He is in 3 zeros now with some 4 zeros still floating around! He is still in size 1/2 nappies though as he has such a little bum!

Some more pictures from the month that was.

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