Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pump up the sperm!

So we went and saw our naturopath last night who is also a dietician, first and for mostly. We also went and saw the Doctor about the Intravenous vitamin injections. Intravenous vitamins will multiple your sperm count by 50%, so currently at 19,000 that would bring it up to 30,000. Not worth it for us.

So after talking to our dietician and Doctor we have decided to go ahead with this lifestyle overhaul.

Key factors being: Clean eating, Exercise, No stress.

I am a dramatic person, but not really a stress head. I may stress about something for 5mins, but then think about it and it’s not really that BIG a deal. Whereas hubby stresses about EVERYTHING to do with his business, so we need to reduce that, because stress is the biggest cause in low sperm count.

Another big thing is that he isn’t allowed to be in the car for more than 2hrs, sitting down and overheating his balls is making his count very low.

So hubby has to do the following things:

- Take an Epson bath before bed every night to relax him

- Spend more time outside getting Vitamin D

- Take a natural sleeping tablet to help him sleep through the night, so that his body has time to restore, especially the liver!

- Drink a highly concentrated natural herbal tea

- NO PANADOL (currently has at least 8 a day, gets bad headaches)

- No tight jocks, only boxers!

- Exercise

- Go fishing more

- Go on holidays


Living the dream apparently. Whilst I keep working, because everything is fine with me! Haha

Our dietician is really good with the whole “lifestyle change”. The end result is us being on a low carb high protein eating plan, with hardly anything coming in packaging! Currently we have chosen 3 different recipes for each meal of the day. So 9 recipes all together that we have to incorporate into our diet. We can eat whatever else we want to eat, as long as we eat those 9 different meals in a week. There are no portion sizes on these meals. One meal is chicken and salad. Hubby is allowed a half a chicken if he wants. So he is wrapped!! She is trying to teach us about good food, without overwhelming us, she is pretty amazing.

So we’re doing this for hopefully the rest of our lives, but at the moment have a 6 month goal. Come the 15th of October we will do another Semen analysis and see what has happened. I am hoping for 5million per ml and above!! Waiting 6 months to do the test is going to kill me but at $130 it’s not the cheapest test to do.

After 6 months is up we will assess the situation, hoping everything will be grand and we may have already gotten pregnant by then, but if it hasn’t changed by much we will look at IVF again, until then though, I don’t want to think about it, completely different view from my last blog I know, but IVF was really freaking me out! I feel good about this option :)

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  1. Peace about this option is great! I think it's a great plan and if you can avoid IVF and all the emotional ups and downs that come with it all the better! Bet K is loving the 'go fishing more' bit! XX