Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Slowing down

I'm getting slower. 27 weeks now and I often have to sit down to rest.

This very wriggly boy inside of me keeps me on my toes. His movements, if at all possible, are bigger and even more frequent. 

I like to sit in the front lounge, on the firmer couches. Stroking my stomach and gazing at my Christmas tree. It's quiet (expect for the banging of construction) and I wonder what noises will occur once this babe arrives. Long gone will be the days of rest, so I bask in them now, whilst I can. 

After all this time, it's still so surreal. I often get anxious thinking about how I will be as a mother. I've already changed a lot since being pregnant. I struggle to make decisions and often get very overwhelmed. Where I use to excel in planning, I just curl up in a ball. It's all a bit much. Decorating the nursery, packing bags, buying baby items, clothes, appointments, classes, labour.

So I sit. Whilst I can and try not to get caught up in the crazy world that has become "the newborn" industry. 

Let's get past Christmas and New Years, and hope for a spurt in energy.

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