Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The big come back!

Where do I begin?

I have been thinking about writing my blog posts again for the last two months, but again struggled with what it was that I wanted to say. 

Let’s start at my last blog post. I was very content with my decision, to let things be, go with the flow, but with more and more of my friends getting pregnant around me it became a daily reminder of what I don’t have. I'm honestly so happy for my friends who are expecting children, but there is a part of me that says "come on God, share the babies around".

Life is busy, and this year has flown by far too quick. I'm a housewife and work full time, whilst also running a busy business with my husband. I was getting very weighed down by the things I needed to do. Then chuck in the mix the fact your still not pregnant = a very stressed marriage.

Marriage isn’t for the faint hearted, and this is why so many people get divorced. When things get too hard people give up, people around you encourage you to give up. They tell you there on YOUR side. GAH! Since when were there sides?? I don’t want there to be two sides in my marriage, I want just one, US! One thing is for sure though, I'm not a quitter! I will always fight for us, that is what I vowed on our wedding day. 

This only makes us stronger, we learn from our mistakes. We hold each other closer and tighter, letting go of our fears and mistrust and keep walking forward. After all, you need to have a strong marriage to raise children. Everyone in the family benefits from it. I can happily say that I love my husband so much more than I did when I married him, and that love only keeps growing, as I know it will always do.
Its been six months since we were last tested and in 2 weeks we will get tested again and see what has happened. More so for hubby. If the count has increased to at least 1 million, then we will do IUI, if it remains the same we will be doing IVF. We're unsure what kind of time frame that will be though. IUI will probably be straight away, as its low cost, IVF may have to wait a year or so. One thing is certain though, is that I have to be working for at least another 2 years, so if we get pregnant in that time, I'll have to go back to work full time! Hubby has told me that he will be comfortable to stay at home and look after baby, which I think he will do very well with!

Also, we finally agreed on a girl name!!! I am a very organised person and like to have things planned, so this is huge relief for me, sad I know! It's not something that I would have ever chosen, but have fallen in love with it! 

So that’s us, still riding this magical ride of life, strapped in tight and never giving up! We're off to Port Douglas in 3 days for a well deserved romantic holiday to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary, how time fly’s!

Promise not to keep it so long in-between blogs next time ;)


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  1. You are both going to make wonderful parents! I am believing for a holiday baby for you :D xx