Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The road to IVF

Yesterday hubby and I had our specialist appointment with Dr Gregory Fox. He has been in the industry for a very long time and specialises in male infertility.

I managed to get an appointment with him quite early, as there was a cancellation, but it was a 2pm, so had to dash off from work.

I was a bit flustered, rushing on the roads to get there on time, but I made it. I met hubby there, he was half falling asleep having worked a very long day before on Melbourne Cup day. I gave us both a quick pep talk before we went in and off we went.

Dr Fox confirmed everything that we already knew. That hubby has verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy low sperm count. He booked hubby in for a another sperm test next Tuesday, just to re-confirm the results, but said he knows with certainty that they wont have improved. Because of this from here on out every sperm test has to be frozen so that we can keep the sperm that he has left. Dr Fox predicts that in 5 years he wont have any left.

IUI is out of the question. Which I knew deep down, was just being overly hopeful. So IVF it is.

Dr Fox said that he believes we have a high chance of getting pregnant, because we are so young! YAY!

So for the next couple of weeks we will be having blood tests, utltra sounds and seeing IVF counsellors in preparation for our journey into IVF land. We will have to do ICIS, which is where they inject a single sperm into the egg in a petri dish. This is because of the low sperm count that this will have to be done, which adds $1000 to the figure!

The actual cost of doing the first round of IVF is not to bad $3500 out of pocket. Its the medication ($450), day bed in hospital ($800), anithist ($250), day bed again ($350), every single time you do a round of IVF that adds up. For our first month, we're looking at $5500 after our medicare rebate.

Its a lot cheaper than america, but its still a lot of money! Factor in every appointment with Dr Fox is $140.

So here is what I am hoping. That our first round of IVF produces heaps of eggs and we're left with atleast 5 GREAT embryos that can be used. Hope the first one takes, then we will freeze the other 4 and use them when we want more children. A girl can hope, right?


  1. wow! i'm glad you started trying early and not in 5 years! Sounds like a baby is on the way :D! And hope and hope away mumma!!!!!

    1. I know, right!! This is why I urge my friends who want to have children one day to go check it all out and make sure everything is good! Would hate to wait till your in your mid 30's and find out these problems! Thanks for your support Nat :) xx