Monday, November 12, 2012


It's a very odd feeling sitting in a waiting room full of couples waiting to see their doctors about various IVF appointments. It is silent, deathly silent....then you can randomly hear an overly hormonal woman start crying. We all know why we are here, we catch glimps of each other from the corner of our eyes, wondering what each other is thinking. 

Hubby goes off for his test, 5 mins later and $400 poorer and we leave.

I have to act overly nice and encouraging to make him feel important and valued. He said he felt violated, I chuckle. Lucky he has never had to have a pap smear, he would be in tears! That's why God made women the child bearing women that we are, because we can handle it. With a few drugs on the side of course! lol

Now we wait. IVF is one big waiting game.

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