Thursday, November 15, 2012

Life's calling.

I’m sick of calling my husband “hubby” on my blog. But I don’t want to use his name either, as he doesn’t want me to. Name suggestions please...thinking Mr.M?


Got our results back....hubby’s count has gone up to 200 thousand. Good that there has been an increase, but still nowhere near enough to get pregnant. Dr Fox is a nice doctor, he wants to create a family for us, but he is also a realist and I appreciate that. There is no need to sugar coat the truth. Even though his count has gone up, Dr Fox said it is still “very very very EXTREMELY low” and suggested that we keep freezing sperm. Yeah no $400 a pop ill get right onto that :/ that is only for a year as well, have to pay $270 for every following year, per sample! AWESOME!

Most of my readers know me, and would agree that I am quite a nutter! I regularly have little chats in my head about what kind of speeches I would make at different occasions. Totally normal, yeah? My latest speech has been one that I want to say to everyone who likes to tell me what I should do as a career. I’m a very creative person, jack of all trades. I can bake, sew, craft, cook, talk, style, organise, prepare. 

Careers that have been thrown around by myself and others include: Wedding planner, events manager, invitation maker, florist, makeup artist, hairdresser, personal assistant, comedian (by my sister, she finds me hilarious!), gift wrapper, nanny, chef, caterer, baker, etc the list goes on.

 I have dabbled in almost all of these areas, but nothing really clicked. For the last 6 months I wondered why? Any of these things I could make a career out of (maybe besides the comedian, Ha!) so what gives. You know what I realised, all these things make for a great MOTHER! The one thing I have always felt I was meant to be. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I am going to be a kick arse mum! Can you imagine the parties I would through, the hair styles I could do, the gifts I could wrap, the meals I could cook, the play dates I could plan. I’ve been given many talents that I now truly believe are there to make me a great mum.



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  1. YOU ARE GOING TO BE AN AWESOME MUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I knew it from the moment i met you :D Can't wait 4 u 2 hve ur own bundle of joy!!! Lots of Love