Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Let's get this show on the road.

So you know how I joked about my doctor being on holiday in France, well he was actually in Italy. Stuffing his face with gelato! What a grand ole time, ey?

So now that he has returned things have gotten back underway.

I’ve started my injections, doing 175ui as opposed to the 112.5ui that I did last cycle.

I was feeling fine for the first couple of days and started to freak out that maybe it wasn’t working as I wasn’t feeling anything!!!

Then after injecting for 3 days the back pain kicked in... OH MY LORD. THE BACK PAIN KICKED IN. In a world of pain.

Two more days of injections before I get to see how many follicles I have growing. Getting excited again!!

Ps. Thank you to all my readers! Reached 2200 views today!

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