Friday, May 10, 2013


My day 8 scan went really well. I have 12 good size follicles!!! YAYAYYAYA and some smaller ones too.

My doctor has upped my injections from 175ui to 250ui. They would rather I over stimulate so that they can collect as many as possible than to have to cancel again if they don’t get big enough. I don’t think I will over stimulate though, I’ve had one day on the higher dose and feeling fine.

I have another ultrasound in a couple of days to see how much they have grown and will then plan the egg retrieval operation! I have also started my 2nd lot of injections- cant for the life of me remember what is called... Its not like I should know what I am injecting into myself on a daily basis :/ ANYWHO- I have to do those at night. So Gonal F at 8am and then the *other one* at 6pm. The injections are hurting this time around, me-no-likey.


  1. great news about the follicles! Not so about the injections hurting! Good Luck xx

  2. that is awesome about the follicles growing well!! just wanted to send you some love and thoughts today,,.. i know it will be tough but i hope/pray/believe your day is coming soon when you will have a baby in your arms for mother's day xx i read this and thought of you


    1. I have really been struggling today. Grumpy and getting annoyed at my husband and then I read that blog link and burst into a million tears. Sometimes I try and act so strong and like I've got this whole IVF thing down pat. But I feel broken and so so sad. Thank you for thinking of me Kate, you're truly wonderful! Xx

    2. i'm sorry it made you cry :( but maybe it was a good thing to let it all out... of course it would be a tough day today - but your attitude in general is wonderful. but - as that blog post talked about - YOU ARE NOT ALONE... and I really pray you will be granted your heart's desire very very very soon x

    3. Don't be sorry. It was a relief to let it all out and really helped me to figure out what had been bugging me. Yes, I have to remind myself that I'm not alone and press into God a lot more when I am struggling! Thank you for your prayers dear Kate, I feel like your my virtual friend and really appreciate it! Xx