Friday, May 17, 2013

Frozen in time

This is a massive update as i haven't had the energy to write anything until now. On the day of egg collection I jumped out of bed at 6 am and headed to the Royal Womens Hosptial with Hubby.

I had to be fasting since the night before, so couldn’t brush my teeth as I wasn’t allowed to swallow water. I decided to have a piece of gum instead. WELL DONT! The nurses had a meltdown, rushing around talking to lots of doctors and annithtesist. They threatened to cancel the whole the thing which would have meant I would have lots all my eggs. I was becoming irate. No one said I couldn’t have gum!

After the gum fiasco of 2013, i got changed into my theatre gear and went in. I woke up in recovery hic-upping. The nurses thought I was choking. It was all kinds of eventful. After the hiccups subsided I cried for 10 mins. Who knows why, I was just super emotional. As I laid on the hospital bed my results came 27 EGGS!!!!!!! Can you believe it?????? Best news ever!! My doctor said that my ovaries were HUGE though. So I will have to wait until next cycle to do a transfer. All this waiting makes me so upset!

Hubby did his sample and was waiting for me in the waiting room when I got out. I was in pain, but thought “ey, this should be fine” OH HOW I WAS WRONG!!! The worst pain in my whole entire life. Not even exaggerating! I couldn’t eat, or walk or move. Turns out I have extreme OHSS and my doctor is very worried. I have the nurse call me twice a day and I have to tell her my weight and how much I have wee’d. If anything changes I have to go to the hospital straight away! To top it off out of my 27 eggs only 11 are mature enough to use! Very bummed out!

My doctor and I talked about day 2 and day 5 embryos (Google it for more information). We agreed if any embryo was up to 4 cells on day 2 we would freeze them as they’re nice and strong and any after that can grow to day 5 and be frozen then.

Well we had 4 grow to day 2 and be 4 cell. All the others died. Out of 27 eggs I only got 4 embryos and to top it off they are Grade 3 which is average. GUTTED. No one can tell you whether it is the sperm or the egg quality or both combined that makes this happen but I am beginning to question the quality of my eggs as the sperm used is singularly chosen and is of the highest quality.

Just have to keep positive that none of them die when they get thawed next cycle.

Hang on little embryos- mumma loves you!!


  1. i'm sorry not more made it but hoping and praying for those little ones that did xx

  2. I hope we get to hear some happy news from you soon!