Thursday, September 26, 2013


I wanted to preface this post by saying the following;
This blog will always be about my journey with IVF and trying to conceive. Right now, being pregnant it will be about that. Then about my baby and parenting. But it will go back to IVF again as many times it has too, to build my family.

I thought I would document some changes happening to my body, because I will likely not care as much with my next child. Let's be real people. 

Boobs: dear Lord above, why did you give me such huge boobs?! As soon as I got boobs as a teenager I was a CC cup and from there I just grew. I'm currently a 12F and they are HEAVY, like I-put-them-on-a-scale and weighed them heavy! 6kg for the twins. Ah yeah, cool! My milk ducts are growing and my former soft boobs are now hard muscles. It's very weird to say the least. I rolled up a towel to resemble a size of a newborn baby and I'm not entirely sure how the heck I'm mean to breast feed. They're just so huge and awkward. I'll give it a red hot go though!

Hips- they feel like they're disconnected from my body. I'm waddling. Badly. In a lot of pain. I think I need to go to the osteo as I can't actually walk at the moment.

Belly- you know when you lay down in your first trimester and your belly goes flat and makes you wonder if a baby is even in there? Well that has stopped now! Baby is getting big enough that my bump sticks out even when laying down and I enjoy that a lot. Rubbing and talking to it and feel all the little movements! Looking forward to my first big kick! 

Things I'm not doing that I thought I would of during pregnancy;
- taking weekly belly photos 
- water aerobics
- Pilates
- reading parenting books religiously
- baby clothes shopping

All of which I can't be bothered doing. Not one bit haha! 

I'm still really sick and still really tired but pushing through! Hats off to all the mums out there who get sick in their pregnancies and have other small children to look after! You're incredible!

I have another blog post that I may share in the coming days that is more about my personal growth, as a woman and a friend! 


  1. Yes being pregnant with number one was a breeze when I look back! Currently expecting number #2 and running around after a toddler is challenging.....early on when I had nausea he got so used to seeing me vomit after a while he didn't even bat an eyelid... Ha ha. Would definitely recommend some type of exercise by the way, I did Pilates throughout my first pregnancy and haven't done this time and really have noticed a huge difference in my comfort and support, especially now that I am almost ready to deliver. Really wishing I'd done it this time now but too late. You live and learn. Best of luck x

    1. Hi anon! Thanks so much for commenting! Vomiting is so horrible can imagine how hard it would be on you having to do with a toddle watching no matter how much they don't care. Yes I'm starting personal training next week, will take it one week at a time and see how I go, def need to get stronger, especially for labour! All the best with the rest of your pregnancy! Hope you have a smooth delivery with number two! Xx

    2. Thank you! And good on you for starting your personal training, sure it will help with your delivery and most importantly post birth recovery, whether you have a natural or c section your body will thank you for it.. Good luck with everything xx