Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cramps, chocolate and calories.

Right now it's Sunday morning. I am laying in bed with terrible cramps, whilst hubby is 4WD with his friends. I started stressing out, this time next month my cramps will be even worse and will have to be battling with all the side effects from the medication. So I call hubby to get him to assure me that he will have to look after me! He promises he will and I am put at ease.

I thought I would start blogging my emotions of IVF as they happen, which is what I am doing right now!

One of demons has been my struggle with weight loss. I found I lost the most weight when I was exercising regularly- twice a week. Nothing hard core, just two classes. I was eating healthy food but not counting calories or anything. Then my trainer stopped doing classes, I stopped exercising, got down in the dumps and gained 10kgs. I am now 90kgs after losing some weight from calorie counting and exercise. No where near enough exercise though. I reckon if I exercised every day I could eat what ever I want and still lose massive amounts of weight! My husband and I joined a small gym that his cousin owns. Well he has gone overseas for a month so hubby and I have been on a hiatus. I'm really struggling at the moment. I am an emotional eater and going through IVF leads me to bad habits Skipping breakfast and eating to much sugar! I've been really hard on myself about this, telling myself I need to do better, be better. What is that going to achieve though? Which goals should I make the most important? Losing weight or just eating good healthy food and concentrating on the task at hand?

Excuse me whilst I go eat some chocolate to help my cramps!

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