Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cry Baby

I wrote this post yesterday, but it somehow vanished..annoying!


Yesterday we had our nursing appointment. I was quite devastated to learn that the blood tests I had last week didn’t have my correct date of birth on them, so I had to do them all over again. Last week when she did it, she punctured my vein which lead to a big bruise on my arm. Not fun. She said I am the hardest person she has ever taken blood from as my veins are really hard to find. This my friends is why I hate needles.

She showed me the chart and when I will have to take my medication. One needle for 5 days, two needles for 5 days, a booster shot, then gel for two weeks shoved up my clacker. The gel resembles a lot of pregnancy symptoms and said can make me feel quite sick, best to take it right before sleep! I had to really pumped myself up to self inject, but I did it and it didn’t hurt. It's still full on though, looking at a needle go in your body. I feel underqualified, like a nurse should be administering this stuff to me. Medication is so potent that I am only putting in 1/5 of a mil each time. A tiny tiny tiny drop. Which means I have to hold the needle in for along time to make sure it goes in. Will have to set up a little injection station in my bathroom I think, make it all professional! lol I am super happy that I don’t have to do the nasal spray. It is a horrible medication that has very strong side effects and tastes horrible too.

So I have two more appointments to go, an ultrasound at the end of the month, then our counselling appointment at the beginning of January, then we start our first cycle mid Jan.

There is a problem however though. What happens if it works and I get pregnant the first time? All my readers will want to know, but I won’t tell until 12 weeks. So I can’t really blog in that time, then you guys will know that I am pregnant. So I’ve decided that either way whether pregnant or not I will take 2 months off my blog. Then when I come back I will tell you yay or nay. Deal? deal!

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