Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Ya know how I was being all sarcastic about the medication being "a barrel of laughs"? Well today I find myself laughing. Because its actually hilarious that I bounce out of bed in the morning to do my injections. Grab, stab and jab. It's over in 30 secs and then I proudly walk around the house patting myself on the back for being a legend!

I had such a horrible horrible fear of needles and now almost enjoy doing them. Wish I could do blood tests myself, then maybe I wouldn't hate those so much? I think by me being in control I don't get that scared and I can get annoyed at myself if it hurts, rather than hating on the nurse!

First day on gonal f saw me in pain, drowsy and terrible back pain. Fast forward to day 3 and I'm in fine form. I can feel my ovaries still, it's like they are doing summersaults! I invision my body making new follicles every time I feel it, it's a pretty cool feeling.

I've let myself get way too excited. I love getting excited, one of my favourite fillings but I really tried to tell myself to calm it down. Ha! As if my heart was going to listen to my head! My heart screams "baby" on a regular basis, whilst my head try's to bring it down to a more realistic stand point.

Hubby is also getting excited. I have my ultra sound on Monday to see how the follicles are going, then Friday ill have my day surgery to have them removed, then the following Monday the embryo placed back in. It's all go go go for next couple of weeks, very hard not to get excited.

So I've decided to stay excited! Then if disappointment comes mid feb, I will deal with my heart then!

I'd like to thank all those who are praying for me! Really believe that is what has made this needle process so much easier for me!

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