Monday, January 14, 2013

Oh my ovaries

Women say all kinds of things in relation to their ovaries. Most of the time it is when they see a new born baby "oh my ovaries" or when they have their period "my ovaries are killing me" when in fact neither times do they actually feel there ovaries. Well I can feel mine and boy are they saying hello!

I had my first injection this morning, I was brave and didn't even flinch or cry (I'm awesome). I then proceeded to bounce around the house saying that I didnt feel any change. Fast forward 30mins and I could literally feel my ovaries shifting. The pain in my back instantly aligns with this. I then find myself waddling around the car whilst I fill up with fuel. Looking at people to feel sorry for me, when really I just look like some strange hunch back. Add to this that my body is amune to panadol and I am not allowed to take anything else =a barrel of laughs tears.

But I can do this. I am ok. I have my chocolate Big M and I will fake this smile all day at work until I can curl up into a ball in bed when I get home. Hubby has been incredible and I am not ashamed to say I am milking it for all its worth, I deserve a break from being house wife!! 

These lovely drugs sit in my fridge, right next to the sauce. Whilst the vaginal gel (told you it was a barrel of laughs) and someother drug sit in my bathroom.

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