Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy new year!

Hello readers!

It's 2013 and I'm excited!!!

This is my year! My year to finally have a baby and I can't wait!

Last week I had an internal ultrasound! I didn't realise it would be an internal and began to freak out once we arrived. Many of my friends have told me how uncomfortable they are! To my surprise it didn't hurt at all and I preceded to tell the gynaecologist this as I was so happy! My husband then declare "well all her friends husbands must be a lot smaller than me then" I DIED!!! How embarrassing! The gyno told him off and said too much info! Bahahaha gotta laugh now! Anyway, he said my uterus was perfect and my ovaries were fantastic and had heaps of follicles on them! Yay!! So I was very happy!

Next week we have our counselling appointment then the week after I start injections! I'm anxious but very excited!

Many of my friends are having/had babies this week so I've been getting lots of baby smooches!

I hope 2013 is you're best year yet!

Lots of love!!

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