Thursday, January 24, 2013

No deal

Had my last ultrasound this morning  and have decided to cancel the cycle.

We will start again next month, with a higher dose of medication to begin with and hope to get 16 follicles.

After giving myself a talking to I have refocused and got my emotions in check. No point crying over something that wasn’t meant to be, I need to assess the situation from a medical point of view and this is what makes the most sense.

I will do a trigger injection tonight to release the follicles that are currently growing. My doctor said have sex tonight and tomorrow because we have a 1 in  a million chance of conceiving naturally so may as well give it a shot! Hubby thought sex two days in a row sounded like a great idea! ;)


  1. oh im so sorry you had to cancel :( I am learning a lot from your blog, wow I had no idea how involved and intense IVF was even though I always hear it is. Your attitude is so determined and positive. Praying that your time is coming SOON xx