Monday, June 17, 2013

Credit where credit is due

One of my biggest things is giving people credit when credit is due. Celebrating people when they are being great! Giving them a shout out to know that you SEE what they have done! It's the best.

I want to do this today for my husband.

The world of IVF has consumed me in the last couple of months. And even though I wish that wasn't the case, I've had to stop fighting myself about it. What this means is that I'm often exhausted. Having broken my ankle was actually a real blessing. I was able to rest and reconnect with why it is I am doing all of these things to my body. Even though financially it was very difficult my husband never once complained about the money (he maybe complained about having to do the washing again, but ey, who can blame him- washing sucks!) he just wanted me to rest and get better. We started our own business two years ago, my husband is the core and rock of its success. His charm and charisma wins over the clients and he works so hard replying to emails and phone calls on a daily basis. It's relentless and gets me sad sometimes as he is always on his phone. But he does it for me. He does is for us. For our future. For our children.

He told me last night that he is working so hard now so that I can stop working forever and enjoy being a mother. He too wants to be able to parent on a regular basis with me, so he is establishing good employees so that he can be amongst the hustle and bustle of every day life.

I'm just super proud of him. He continues to work on himself. As a man, as a husband and as a father.

Keep going babe, I love you!

Monday, June 10, 2013

It's like the song that doesn't end.

I finally reached day 3 of my new cycle and went in to have a scan. I was feeling great, over my OHSS and thinking I would be able to do an embryo transfer.

Well no.

My ovaries are still very enlarged and there are still a lot of follicles hanging about. I will have to wait another 5 weeks until I can do the transfer.

Just gutted.

This whole process is taking sooo much longer than I ever imagined and taking a toll on my energy levels. Hard to keep motivated. Just gotta keep my head up, but sometimes I just wanna stay in bed all day and cry.